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Double Bike Kit

Slatwall Panel Colour
Ivory White
Ash Grey

Create an organised, spacious garage by hanging both your bikes vertically on the wall using our Double Bike Kit. This unique way of storing your bikes uses very little wall and garage space.

Ideal for couples or bike enthusiasts with more than one bike (yes that’s a thing!). Comes complete with a paper towel holder so you don’t have to get grease on the bath towels when doing your repairs.

Store your bikes shoes, spare tyres & parts, helmets, vests, bags, drink bottles, bike pump, tools & so much more…

You can even hang your padded bike pants on a hook to dry rather than striding around the house to air them out. We also offer the Bike Kit that stores one bike or the Family Bike Kit that stores four bikes.

All our kits consist of everything you need from start to finish. Our Stor-A-Wall panels and accessories are stylish yet built to last and super easy to install.

Double Bike Kit Includes:

Dimensions of your Stor-A-Wall Kit: 1.22m Width x 1.22m Height 

Note: Please select your Slatwall colour option before you proceed to "Checkout" (Default colour is White)

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