Stor-A-Wall slatwall home and garage storage systems allow you to create more space in your home for less. We have designed a variety of Kits to make your decision even easier. Simply grab a General Purpose Kit and a Kids Kit to have your garage and kids rooms instantly sorted for storage. But please don’t let our kit names restrict you to just one use, they are all interchangeable and can be used in more ways than one.

You can also create your own kit if you prefer, just choose your slatwall panel size and colour then select your accessories. As easy as that! 

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Kenovo DuraTrax is an affordable, convenient and quick to install wall mounted storage system that quickly transforms your garage space.

Using the DuraTrax system you can rearrange easily, move instantly to dismantle and remount the fixture as required. Our DuraTrax steel base rail system ensures strength and durability and can handle loads up to 300kg/metre when installed following installation instructions. Rails come in several size lengths, various accessories are then mounted on the rails – hooks, shelves, baskets and other useful accessories.

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If you’re ready to take your home from cluttered chaos to a stylish, organised space you’ll love... We’re Ace of Space and we create New Zealand's Best Dressed Walls. Find out what magic our Stor-A-Wall can work for you.